Kanberra Wipes 30stk


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Kanberra Wipes®

Like our gel and spray, Kanberra Wipes® feature an all-natural proprietary blend of Pure Australian Tea Tree Oils in a convenience wipe. 

How do Kanberra Wipes® work?

Kanberra Wipes® are infused with the natural antiseptic and antifungal properties of TTO and other oils to attack bacteria and mold on contact with no chemicals. Safe around kids and pets, the wipes have countless uses — in the home, car, boat, travel and more


Will Kanberra Wipes® Leave a Scent?

Kanberra Wipes® er helt naturlige, uden duftstoffer og parfume. Kanberra Wipes® are unlike any product on the market for attacking mold and fungi on surfaces and they help neutralize associated odors.


How are Kanberra Wipes® Packaged?

Kanberra Wipes® are packaged in convenient 30 count dispensers


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